From Our Hearts To Your Home


One of the values we have at the studio is creating a place for kids and adults to have a heartwarming experience to help create and grow each individuals God given artistic ability.


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A Safe Place for Kids and Adults

When you come into the studio one of the first things you will notice is the warm friendly environment that we have created for children and families.

All of our classes and lessons are friendly for all ages so there will be no need to worry about your child's experiences while in the studio.  

You Are Creative

"In the beginning God created…so God created mankind in his own image, in the image of god he created them." Genesis 1:1; 27

Here at The Petite Palette, we believe that everyone is innately creative because God…THE Creator made each of us in his own Creative image. You are Creative.

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A Dream & Vision

"With a love and passion to see children and adults learn and become their own amazing person, we decided to create a safe and fun environment where they can explore their artistic side.  A place where their artistic abilities are not simply an add on, but the focus."

-Phillip & Michelle Shepard
(Owners of The Petite Palette)

The Build


The Petite Palette is designed to be a fun, visually appealing space to visit.

From the color palette to the paintings on the walls, all was hand crafted and chosen by Michelle & Phillip and help from many friends and family. 

Almost everything in the studio is handmade...yes, that means a drill, hammer, and a lot of lumber.  If a piece such as the coffee table, or shelves appeal to your taste, you can have it made by Michelle for your own personal enjoyment.

This makes dropping the kids off even more fun!

Come check it out in person!

Watch the build below!


Give Back


We partner with three non-profits that are making impacts both locally and around the world.

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We give a portion of anything you spend to the Non-Profit of your choice from our Giving Wall.

It may be a small purchase, but when added up, they can make a huge impact on the world as we know it.