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Art School

The Petite Palette

The Petite Palette is an art school located in Sandwich, Illinois. We believe that each person has the God given ability to be creative so each class is designed with an emphasis on learning. 

We offer three levels of learning which are group painting sessions, group art classes and private lessons

Whether you are creating a custom wooden sign, enjoying time at a painting party, working on drawing human proportion we want you to walk away with more confidence in your artistic ability and a project you are proud of. 


Group Art


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Group Art Classes

Art for Every Age

We offer art classes from the age of three to one-hundred three and beyond! If you want to learn drawing, inking, acrylic paint, portraits, or even watercolor you will feel right at home in the studio. 


Group Painting Sessions


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Group Painting Sessions

Step-by-Step Instruction

Our Group Painting Sessions are geared toward having fun and learning at the same time.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or want a personalized piece of artwork in your home, the choice is yours. Depending on the painting, the sessions range from 1-3 hours long. 


Heirloom Wooden Signs


Painting Sessions

Heirloom Wooden Signs

We design each one of our Heirloom Wooden Signs with family in mind.

These one-of-a-kind wooden signs have been handcrafted by our team and are ready for you to customize in class perfectly for your home.

Choose the sign you want for your home, pick the date and we will see you in the studio ready to help! 


Private Lessons


Private Lessons


Perfect for students and adults that want that one-on-one personalized growth. Each private student will have their curriculum tailored for their skill set and age. 


Technology Classes

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Group Art Classes

Technology for Students 

If you have a student that loves digital art, technology, Youtube, and computers we have amazing classes for them. 


Stay In The Loop

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The Petite Palette

Stay In The Loop

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